General information about my practice: contact information, location, opening times, rates etc.


description of prices and duration of treatment

Treatments and counsellings

  • 90,- € / hour, Initial anamnesis (case history), appr. 1.5 hours 145,- €
  • further appointements 65,- to 90,- €


My Qualifications

I was born in 1962 and raised in a small Bavarian village. Since I was 13 years old I have studied and practiced healthy nutrition, Taoism, Buddhism, Yoga and alternative healing methods and various cultures. I have lived and worked in France, England and Belgium.

I started my career as a healer during my travels to India, Thailand, North Africa and Australia. After my return to Germany I moved to Berlin in 1992 and decided to undertake an appropriately based training course.

Chinese medicine as well as homeopathy are, now as much as ever, more than therapeutic ideas for me, they are my attitude towards life and my philosophy!

Since 1998, I have been able to offer treatment as a naturopath (Heilpraktikerin) in my holistic healing practice in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg.

What follows is a brief overview of basic and advanced training:

  • Homeopathy training: from 1993 to 1997 at the Samuel Hahnemannschule, with, among others, Andreas Krüger, Adelheid Powen und Brigitte Kramp (Heilpraktiker)
  • Advanced homeopathy training seminars from 1995 to 2006 with Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Henny Heudens-Mast, George Vithoulkas
  • Acupuncture training at the Samuel Hahnemannschule with Heidi Bommer (Heilpraktikerin); the system of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements in Chinese Medicine.
  • Acupuncture advanced training in monthly supervisions and work groups since 1998 with Antje Jungfer (Heilpraktikerin)
  • Advanced training in traditional Chinese medicine: from 1993 to the present, self study and study in various work groups of the 5-elements and syndrome models, of pulse and tongue diagnosis following Barbara Kirschbaum and Giovanni Maciocia, and energetic Yin and Yang prinicples following Dr. Radha Thambirajah.
  • 2003: Dynamic spine and joint therapy as additional training with Michael Ditter (Heilpraktiker)
  • I acquired California massage in 1983, and in the last 25 years I have attended a wide variety of different courses with many different teachers and diverse techniques, as well as studying massage during my training at the Samuel Hahnemannschule.
  • From 2006 to 2007 I attended eye acupuncture seminars given by colleagues Antje Jungfer und Liane Laskowski (Heilpraktikerinnen)


Legal information

Company name:

The Holistic Healing Practice of Gertraud Jung


Gaudystraße 25
10437 Berlin


030 / 44 73 45 12




Gertraud Jung

Person responsible for contents pursuant to §7 TMG:

Gertraud Jung

Tax identification number:

31 / 368 / 00275

Professional title:

Hailpraktikern (Naturopath), since 1997


4-year-long training as Heilpraktikerin (Naturopath) at the Samuel Hahnemannschule in Berlin.

Acupuncture and homeopathy training at the Samuel Hahnemannschule

Rules of professional practice:

Heilpraktiker activites are based on the Heilpraktiker code of conduct and according to Ordinance 1 of the Heilpraktiker regulations.
Professional regulations can be found in the Heilpraktiker Professional Code of Conduct (Berufsordnung für Heilpraktiker), the Ethics Policy of the Professional Association of German Heilpraktiker (Fachverband Deutscher Heilpraktiker), and in the fee tariff for Heilpraktiker (Gebührenverzeichnis für Heilpraktiker).

Responsible authority:

Gesundheitsamt Hohenschönhausen

Professional association:

Member of the Professional Association of Heilpraktiker (Fachverband Deutscher Heilpraktiker e.V.) since 1993

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