Homeopathic treatment online for adults as well as for children and babies.

Classical homeopathy is successfully practiced these days as an alternative medicine healing method. Its founder was the doctor and pharmacist Samuel Hahnemann, who around 1800 discovered through intensive research the most important feature of the method, that "like heals like" (similia similibus curentur").

In principle, this means that a substance that causes certain symptoms in a healthy person will heal the same symptoms in a sick person. In practice, specially prepared healing remedies are produced from herbal, mineral or animal essences. The side effects of the original substance are strongly reduced or eliminated through a process called potentizing. This is a distinct advantage that homeopathy has over allopathic medicines.

Hahnemann`s goal was to replace therapies which, at that time as well as nowadays in allopathic medicine, were often aggressive and hazardous with therapies that strengthened the life force of patients and led them to inner healing.

Techniques and applications

The concept of "disease" is therefore differently defined in homeopathy than its is conventionally understood. Homeopathy proceeds on the assumption that an illness affects not only particular organs or organ systems, but is also caused by changes and disorders in the entire organism, including on the feeling and spiritual levels.

A disorder occurs when a person falls physically and spiritually out of harmony, most often over a long time period. Therefore he or she must be considered and treated as a whole being. In keeping with this principle, homeopathy brings about integrated health improvement on all levels.

Methodology and goals

The healing of suffering and disorders can nonetheless only positively succeed when the self-healing powers of the body are activated and the disharmonies are identified. It is therefore absolutely essential that the patient actively cooperates, and is internally ready for fundamental changes. It may be necessary to alter or set aside old habits and find new ways to overcome the illness.


During a thorough initial anamnesis (case history) the sum total of the patient`s symptomswill be discussed on the physical, emotional and mental levels. The life story, and illnesses of ancestors and relatives (family burdens), among other things, play an important role.

Sleeping and eating habits, dreams and fears are also important basics. A person`s biography, character and background are crucial in choosing and implementing the most suitable remedies. I follow the classical principles in using homeopathic single remedies in my treatments.