Nutritional counseling

I have been intensely involved with healthy nutrition as well as with alternative medicine since I was 13 years old. The basis of my research has been general and technical literature as well empirical experience. Over the years I have experimented systematically with a wide variety of nutritional diets, in order to collect not only theoretical but my own practical knowledge.

I began with a macrobiotic diet, then came through my experience as a vegan to the 5-elements nutritional practice of Chinese medicine as well as the needs-oriented method. I generally recommend only nutritional methods which I myself have tried and applied and found positive and effective.

The macrobiotic diet (which translated from the original Greek means "long life") is a nutritional model that has its roots in the philosophy of Zen Buddhism and is based on the principles of Yin and Yang. Healthy nutrition is an important factor in maintaining the balance of energies in the human body, as a basis for harmony between Yin and Yang. However, not every nutritional model by itself may be the ideal and healthiest diet. My recommendations are, therefore, usually a combination of different nutritional models.

My nutritional counseling currently consists of educating people about the vitamin and mineral content of food, as well as counseling with regard to use of particular vitamins and minerals, based on the 5-elements model of Chinese medicine (see under Acupuncture). I recommend adding to acupuncture a strengthening or balancing diet with a relevant focus, depending on which element I have found to be weak in the patient.

Every therapy proceeds in its own individual way. After taking a comprehensive case history and making a pulse and tongue diagnosis, my nutritional therapy is tailored to your wishes and needs and the severity of your illness.

An important goal is that my patients redevelop their sense of which foods do their body good. In my opinion there is no one "proper nutrition", because we are all different in our essence. Nobody knows better than I what does me good. To relearn this, experience the feelings, and learn to rely on them is the therapeutic goal for my patients!